Diane Burger Marketing Manager for Topiary Courtyard

“Joe Gayle is enormously talented with an eye for detail. Besides being an inventive designer he actually knows the plant product. I would highly recommend him for any landscape design, his gardens are beautiful and unique.

            Bill Blane Transformational Leadership and Business Strategy Consultant, Solutionist at New Gates LLC

“Joe brings great things to the table of landscape design that sets him apart from many I have worked with. Joe has incredible abilities to envision the overall design and feasibility of land use while at the same time creating a beautiful yet maintainable environment for his customers and clients. He is also brings an enthusiasm for life and his industry that is wonderfully intertwined with professionalism and managerial oversight. He is not only gifted in the master design but desires to see every project "finish well". I like that. I enjoy working with Joe and highly recommend him.”

            Jeff Beeler at eBidjob

“I have worked with Joe in the past. He is professional and was great to work with. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

James(Jim) Kallenbach

“Joe Gayle was the first employer that I worked for in the landscaping/green industry and, though I have worked for and with many of the top professionals in this business, he remains one of the best of all. Joe is an energetic leader and gifted landscape designer that has the ability to look at the big picture and see through issues that others often struggle with. He always has a "can do" attitude and is willing to tackle and solve the most difficult projects within the landscape industry. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Joe Gayle or to have his company design and manage the landscaping for their property will be working with one of the best landscape design companies that can be found today.”

j. p. evans broker at j p evans realty

“Joe designed several landscape projects and they turned out great. He has a great sense of vision.”

             Mary Michael Arborist at City of Sandy Springs

“Joe is a designer that blends traditional design with an understanding of the modern lifestyle. I draw from the experience of working with Joe often in my own design work, and often mimic his style.”

             Dan Mattox Vice president at Builders II inc.

“My construction firm has worked with Joe and his company on several high end residential projects. I've always found his group to be very practical in their designs as too often designers will propose things that have no relation with a client's budget or needs. Joe is a good listener and brings this attribute to the client discussions instead of his own ego. This willingness to cooperate has also been beneficial in dealings with government agencies that have a penchant for monkey wrenches.”


Joe A. Gayle & Associates
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