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Today there are state & local municipalities, architectural committees, environmental protection organizations, and zoning authorities that each requires detailed drawings before ground can be broken and permits issued on your new home or remodel. This service caters exclusively to that need. Often clients have some idea what they want or need with their landscaping but are not ready to commit to a final design. Here the objective is to offer what is necessary for construction to begin. This is an invaluable asset both in complying with the local authorities and evaluating oneís future needs relative to landscaping thus a benchmark for the planned landscape.

This service extends exponentially the site plan. Here is where we delve into the inís and outís of our clients desires. See the help page for more details. The comprehensive site study provides the details to your landscape plan including labor and material budgets; medium preferences, square footage calculations for concrete, lawns, and patios; shrubbery and tree budgets from suppliers local to your homesite with industry standard labor estimates; irrigation budgets, lighting budgets, pool budgets, and maintenance needs. No stone is left unturned. The comprehensive site study is formatted for our clients to pass on any or all of this information to their preferred installer. This is what we like to call design empowerment. Information is power and knowing the industry standards affords our clients the upper hand in negotiating their installations.

This service is an extension of the comprehensive site study and used often as a marketing tool for our clients concept. Some designs need additional clarity to better understand. Swimming pool concepts and outdoor architectural elements included in landscape concepts are typically difficult to imagine from a two dimensional drawing. A three dimensional rendering provides the clarity our clients need to visualize, support, and market a concept. By adding rich and vibrant colors to our two dimensional landscape plans we effectively define the details and make looking into our landscape plans possible before the first shovel is put in the ground.

For our clients with extensive projects; it is extremely difficult to organize, solicit vendors, and coordinate the masses during the installation of large projects. Joe A Gayle & Associates has more than 65 years combined experience and has managed more than 350 million dollars of landscape installation over its 40 year tenure. Our objective here is to confidentially coordinate bidding & contracting of vendors, negotiate with suppliers, coordinate the various trades, & communicate the needs of our clients to each. Effectively we are our clientís liaison, or the daily check & balance of your landscape installation.

This is a service provided by Joe A. Gayle himself.
Clients from developers to builders and large property owners and buyers contact Joe for suggestions and guidance on land utility for his artistic and ascetic edge. The consultation can be exploratory where Joe and the client merely walk through a potential property bouncing ideas off each other until something clicks or they can be a more detailed study involving an already chosen direction for a proposed property that needs massaging in order to press out the wrinkles. Either way, 40 years of passion and experience awaits your call.

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