All projects are a collaborative effort that needs your assistance. In order to provide the service our proprietor demands, we respectfully need the following provided

1. Survey: Typically when closing on your home you receive a survey. It has also become customary for the surveyors to use what is called CAD or Computer Aided Design programs when providing this service for your mortgage company. You should find a copy in your closing papers. A survey of your property in CAD format can be emailed to Joe Gayle & Associates very easily by requesting it from the surveyor. However, should you have troubles we have a network of surveyors that will gladly provide this service for an additional fee.

2. Photographs: multiple photographs detailing the areas around your home, the tree canopy, the topography, drainage issues, anything & everything. The more the better. They can be emailed or sent to an online storage facility that we can access and print as needed. This information will be provided upon request.

3. Google earth: type in your address and send us a link. This will also help. Again, information is what is needed.

4. Pictures, links to sites that contain what you would like to achieve, anything that denotes your design taste. Formal, traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic; we need to know. Include photographs of homes around you that you like or dislike.

5. A visit to your homesite may be arranged dependant on your respective budget, however, in many cases, this is not necessary.

6. A list detailing the specifics of your lot.

7. Goals: A short letter detailing what your long term or short term goals are: length of time you’re planning on staying at this home, future additions planned but not in place, exterior wish lists, number of vehicles & parking needs, do you enjoy yard work or plan on paying someone to provide maintenance. Is this a ‘flip’ that needs refreshing curb appeal for a quick sale or can you wait a few years for the plant material to mature.

8. Plant preferences: Type of grass that you like, trees and shrubs that you’re fond of, flowers, perennials, annuals, groundcover, and stone. Retaining walls needed and preferred medium. We need to know your taste.

9. Budget: Have you determined your budget yet? If not, do so even if you are unsure, we can help with the details. Staging of landscape installations is very common and so is the affect of poor coordination. We’ll attack your plan, you plan your attack, and we’ll guide you through the process directing you through the stages.

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